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There are many ways for You to contribute. Whether you are a normal user, geek or hardcore developer, one and most important thing is get to know Alpine Linux by using it.

Here is a list which greatly explains whole contribution concept

Contribute quality:

  • Help to make this a better project, better looking and with new features
  • Submit bug reports
  • Suggest new features and options
  • Suggest ways to improve the framework (maybe comparing it to similar OS or comercial projects)
  • Submit some artwork (icons, backgrounds, logos)
  • Correct spelling and grammar mistakes in documentation
  • Help maintain a wiki web site

Contribute documentation:

  • Help write good documentation
  • Translate the documentation (and program text) into another language
  • Read existing documentation, follow the examples, and make corrections
  • Create diagrams, screen-shots, and graphics for documentation
  • Develop spelling and grammar style conventions for documentors
  • Build a glossary of technical terms (so non geek people can understand)
  • Convert documentation into more useful formats (i.e. DocBook)

Contribute support:

Note: Everybody need support at least once. Let coders do their work while you help other people
  • Answer questions on wiki, mailing lists or IRC channels
  • Contribute to (or start) an online support group
  • Help other people learn how to use Alpine Linux
  • Write HOWTOS and post them in Tutorials and Howtos or your own blog

Contribute publicity:

Tip: If the project gets popular there will be more people wanting to contribute
  • Link to Alpine Linux web site
  • Convince people to chose Open Source products when possible
  • Write reviews
  • Write about new ways of using an Open Source program

Contribute appreciation:

  • Express your appreciation to developers (through email or irc message)
  • Send the programmers post cards
  • Give a project or developer a gift (some have wish lists for this)
  • Be polite when reporting bugs or asking for new features; developers has no obligation to do it after all