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ACF Skins

ACF has support for multiple skins.
Only a few skins are available. Feel free to contribute by programming css-stylesheets for ACF.

Directory Structure

Sample skins are located in the /usr/share/acf/www/skins/ directory. User-modifiable skins can be added to the /etc/acf/skins/ directory. Each skin is located in its own subdirectory and contains one or more of the following files:

  • 'skin'.css - the main CSS file for the skin
  • 'skin'-ie.css - Internet Explorer-specific CSS file (loaded in addition to 'skin'.css)
  • 'skin'.js - javascript file for the skin


It is common for skins to include image files. Skin-specific image files should be located in the skin subdirectory. Please see the sample skins for how to include images.

The acf-skin package also includes a variety of tango images located in the static/tango directory.


As of acf-core-0.15.1, skins can also include template files. The acf_www-controller will look in the following locations for skin-specific templates before searching /usr/share/acf:

  • 'skindirectory'/template-'controller'-'action'-'viewtype'.lsp
  • 'skindirectory'/template-'controller'-'viewtype'.lsp
  • 'skindirectory'/template-'action'-'viewtype'.lsp
  • 'skindirectory'/template-'viewtype'.lsp

For example, the acf_www-controller will check the following locations for action /acf-util/skins/read with viewtype 'html' while using skin 'wik':

  • /usr/share/acf/www/skins/wik/template-skins-read-html.lsp
  • /usr/share/acf/www/skins/wik/template-skins-html.lsp
  • /usr/share/acf/www/skins/wik/template-read-html.lsp
  • /usr/share/acf/www/skins/wik/template-html.lsp

Sample Skins

Some example skins are available:

  • /usr/share/acf/www/skins/alps/
  • /usr/share/acf/www/skins/cloud/
  • /usr/share/acf/www/skins/ice/
  • /usr/share/acf/www/skins/snow/
  • /usr/share/acf/www/skins/wik/

How To Contribute

Make a new skin folder.

mkdir -p /etc/acf/skins/myskin

Create a css file called as the folder.

touch /etc/acf/skins/myskin/myskin.css

Now you can start editing your myskin.css.
If you have ACF running on the computer, you can browse to https://<hostname>/cgi-bin/acf/acf-util/skins/read and switch to your new skin (called myskin) and see the results of your changes.

Pack your myskin folder, containing your css file (and images, if there are any).
Send this patch to (Note: Don't forget to subscribe before sending your patch)