Abuild and Helpers

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The abuild tree is a directory tree with scripts, example-files, makefiles and other things that you need when creating packages.

File descriptions


The abuild script reads the APKBUILD and executes the steps needed to create a package.
abuild has a config file that you can modify for your own needs.


alpine.mk is used when creating a alpine iso or tar.gz.


mkalpine is a helper script that installs what you need to be able to create Alpine.

Fetch latest abuild

While inside your build environment you need to have the set of scripts/makefiles/etc. Note: You only need to do these 2 steps once! Next time you can skip this part.

apk add alpine-sdk cd ~ git clone git://dev.alpinelinux.org/abuild

When the above is done you might be interested in fetching the latest updates.

cd ~ git pull