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This page is to compile a list of suggestions for design/layout improvements for and

See also #267.

  • Front page: the bottom bar contains information that's mostly repetitive of stuff elsewhere on the page. Suggested changes:
    1. From the Alpine Linux block in bottom right corner, move the Contribute and FAQ links to the top menubar. (About is already there.) Then this block can be deleted.
    2. Delete the Wiki block in the bottom bar. The Installation link is already provided in the Downloads box in the middle of the page; the Misc References link is to a page that's not so useful anymore and is proposed for deletion; and the Tutorials and Howtos link can be omitted, it's on the wiki front page and sidebar already.
    3. Delete the Downloads block, since there are already two links to the Downloads page higher up on this page (in the top menubar and in the central Downloads box).
    4. The Services block is still useful, but can we present it in another way? For example, by putting it into a fourth box in the center of the page? Or by moving its contents to the top menubar? Then we wouldn't need the bottom page bar, just for this single element.
  • It would be nice if the Package Browser page were sortable, not just filterable. But that perhaps goes beyond a mere "design/layout improvment." or both

  • Problems seeing links inside Template:Note. See Template_talk:Note for details and suggested fixes (which have to be implemented by a wiki admin).
  • Perhaps move Downloads, Privacy_Policy under the Project: namespace, so that they don't clutter up the list of Uncategorized pages?